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Charities fund 2014 -15

Charities fund 2014 -15

Charities fund 2014 -15

  • Tue, 30 Jun 2015
Charities fund 2014 -15


This year saw a wide range of events and initiatives to raise money for the school Charities Fund, culminating in the Charity Fair which raised a total of 4206 euros.  We also had “Foley’s Has Talent” , as well as Laces for Races, Café Noel and a Cake Bake for Nepal.

The “Hungry Games” recipe book has already more than met its target of covering the cost of equipment for the Children’s therapy centre in Polemedia . There are still copies left and all further profits will continue to go into the Charities Fund. 

Altogether this year, the pupils, parents and teachers of the school have raised a total of 18,348 euros.

Amongst other smaller donations, we have given another 10 000 euros to the Municipal Grocery, for baby milk and nappies. 3 500 euros went on medical equipment for the Cyprus Anti Cancer Society,1 670 euros to the Red Cross appeal for the Nepal earthquake and 750 euros to Red Cross food boxes. Thank you all very much for all of your efforts and contributions.

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