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Christmas Cheer!

Christmas Cheer!

Christmas Cheer!

  • Thu, 22 Dec 2016
Christmas Cheer!

Christmas Cheer!

The Christmas spirit was felt throughout the Primary School. Christmas carols played around the school, fun filled Christmas crafts and activities within the classrooms and the ever exciting Christmas performances by our talented children in Reception, Infants 1 and Infants 2 classes.

We were all whisked to a marvellous land of fantasy by our dazzling Reception children and spent ‘Christmas With The Aliens’. A traditional Christmas nativity with some alien visitors stranded on earth. The school children in the play not only taught us all about Christmas, but also helped the aliens to fix their spaceship and return home to share the story of Christmas in outer space!

We were then all intrigued to find out if ‘The Builder of Bethlehem’ and his handyman would have everything ready for the arrival of Joseph and Mary and the many interesting kings, angels, shepherds, Romans, citizens and travellers galore that they encountered on their way. Infants 1 had us all on the edge of our seats waiting with anticipation to see how it would all work out for the very busy ‘Builder of Bethlehem’.

Then off we went with Infants 2 children to the glittering white snow covered lands of the North Pole. Here we meet the incredibly overbearing ‘King of All the Polar Bears’. In this beautiful icy land, we went on an adventure with the fantastic creatures of the Arctic to teach the king of all polar bears to respect others' differences; especially those who hold different values and beliefs; in order to help everyone to live together and share our world peacefully.


Dazzling lights, fantastic costumes, inspiring and moving songs, glittering acting... what a wonderful time was had by all!

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