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Creative Writing Competition Award Winners

Creative Writing Competition Award Winners

Creative Writing Competition Award Winners

  • Mon, 24 Apr 2017
Creative Writing Competition Award Winners

Pupils from Years 1 (Infants 1) to 9 (Form 3) participate in The Highgate Creative Writing Competition every year, where the two strongest pieces of writing from each year group are selected by the teachers and then sent off and entered into the competition. Out of the 12 pupils entered from the primary years, 10 pupils received an award in their section, including the Primary Promising Young Writer Award which was won by David Kerimis of J2. Of the 6 pupils entered in the secondary age group, 4 won awards. Congratulations to all!

Year 1:
2nd Prize:                                                        Margarita Teklou
Special Mention:                                              Sofia Vorobeva

Year 2:
Special Mention:                                             Aaditya Kadary

Year 3:
Special Mention:                                             Peter Pavlov
                                                                     Klementina Kitiri
Year 4:
1st Prize and Primary Promising Young Writer: David Kerimis
Special Mention:                                            Elysia Pullen

Year 5:
2nd Prize:                                                     Alexandra Paraskevopoulou
Special Mention:                                            Uma Parani

Year 6: 
Special Mention:                                             Nadia Vakis

Year 7:
2nd Prize:                                                      Alina Khikhlya
Highly Commended:                                       Ekaterina Kopnina

Year 9:
2nd Prize:                                                     Valeriya Stepanyants
Highly Commended:                                       Oliver Geddes


My Life as a…….

My life as a full stop

My life as a full stop is always boring

That’s why you see me always snoring.

I sit in the same place,

To my left is a big space,

All the letters together – a team.

Being with someone else would be a dream.

I want to be a letter

I think it must be better.

The boy crumples the paper into a ball

I’m in the bin, down I fall.

A new piece of paper and I’m

Waiting to be written…..

I’m the dot on the letter ‘i’

But I have a partner –

I’m not alone anymore!


By David Kerimis J2