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Hiking 2018

Hiking 2018

Hiking 2018

  • Wed, 14 Feb 2018
Hiking 2018

The first hike of 2018 took place in the Finikaria area, on Saturday 20th January. The hikers (and teachers) struck lucky with the weather - it was one of the few sunny days in a month of overcast skies and storms. They still managed to get wet, however, as you can see in the photos.
The 2-day hike took place in the wonderful Akamas region during the first weekend in February - the weather was kind to us again. The teams hiked down from Drousia to the Aphrodite Baths area on the first day, making friends with a large number of goats on the way! On the second day, they scaled the Moutti tis Sotiras near the tip of the peninsula. There was much mumbling and grumbling on the way up but they were rewarded with one of the best views in Cyprus.

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