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J3 Trip to Paphos

J3 Trip to Paphos

J3 Trip to Paphos

  • Mon, 18 May 2015
J3 Trip to Paphos

On a very rainy morning towards the end of April, the J3 classes set off on the annual Paphos trip with spirits barely dampened by the weather. As luck would have it, by 11am the sun had come out and it continued to shine on us during our three days away. As well as the usual visits to the ancient sites, this year’s trip also incorporated a bit more; we had a very interesting stop off at the new Akrotiri Environmental Centre, a rapid tour of global plant life at Elouthrika Park, a tasty guided tour around a Cyprus Delights factory and a few hours at Pahos Zoo. The pupils enjoyed the nonstop activity and acquitted themselves very well on what was for many their first solo trip away from home . They certainly returned with lots to talk about, while the staff just needed a good sleep!

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