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Nayia Panayiotou Book Reading

Nayia Panayiotou Book Reading

Nayia Panayiotou Book Reading

  • Sun, 1 Dec 2013
Nayia Panayiotou Book Reading

Children’s Book Author, Nayia Panayiotou, Visits Infants 1
Friday 29th November, 2013

When children’s book author, Nayia Panayiotou, visited Infants 1, she brought her sweet tale of A Harp Seal Named Wendy to life!  As Nayia shared Wendy’s story, the children began to fall in love with this seal pup, following her journey to overcome her greatest fear - swimming!  Armed with arts and crafts, Nayia also led a workshop on creating mini stand-up seals, and then got a chance to greet each child as she personally signed copies of her book.

Let’s see what Infants 1 have to say about the book reading:
“Beautiful reading, Nayia!  We had lots of fun!”
Victoria Savalyeva

“A lady came to the school and that lady read a story to us.  We made a seal and coloured the seal and it was fun!”
Joshua Robin

“A lady came to our school and read us a book called A harp seal named Wendy.  The lady’s name was Nayia.  She gave a book to us and wrote a message inside.  Then we made a 3D seal and coloured pictures.”
Jaanya Singh

“We made a seal and my seal was yellow.  We had lots of fun!”
Hoda Farah

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