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Planetarium experience for J3 and Prep classes

Planetarium experience for J3 and Prep classes

Planetarium experience for J3 and Prep classes

  • Thu, 16 Jun 2016
Planetarium experience for J3 and Prep classes

Written by a J3 pupil:


Today, Wednesday 15th June, we were one of the 4 lucky classes to experience going into ...   the Planetarium!   What a shock when we first entered the Hall and realised the giant half-sphere was pretty much taking up the whole room.   We were introduced to Mrs Maria and Mr. Emis who told us we should be very quiet because our voices would bounce off the surface once inside and make even the quietest whisper ten times louder.  We were taken to a dark tunnel with a small opening.  We had to crouch down and straight away experienced darkness.  Sounds were muffled.  We sat all around the perimeter of the circle and waited to be shown the most amazing pictures of the sky.  Mrs Maria was very knowledgeable and showed us the constellations of our hemisphere in great details.  We learnt so many facts about the stars and space that it would take the rest of this magazine to list them all.  But remember one thing: our earth is like a tiny speck of dust compared to the unimaginable size of a red hypergiant stars such as VY Canis Majoris... What an experience!

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