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Primary Science Day

Primary Science Day

Primary Science Day

  • Fri, 21 Jun 2013
Primary Science Day


The Primary School pupils became scientists for a day - complete with white coats! They had a great day of hands-on experiments and demonstrations. The aim of the day was to prove that science is far from dull, by allowing children all the way from Reception to Junior 3 to participate in exciting science and engineering challenges. The event proved to be a success, with the children learning how to think creatively, tackle problems and work as a team, all while having a really enjoyable time.

“I really enjoyed Science Day as it was one of the best times of that year and so one day I want to become a scientist! “    Selini J1

 “J1 had a tough challenge to make a circuit using playdough in a pretty shape. I found it challenging because we had to use the blue salty playdough for the main part so that the circuit could go in a circle and light up a bulb. I had a great time and I wish everyday was Science Day.”    Christos C.  J1

“We put on our white coats and scientific glasses. Christos, Eva, Eliza and I were in the same team. We worked with cars which ran with balloons and my team won! My car was called Superfast!”  Michalis Infants 1

“Science Day was perfect. I liked it a lot. What I liked most was the potato joined with some electricity. I also liked the flying balloon.”    Erika Infants 1

“I liked the bit when we let the parachute fly down. It was so much fun! I also liked the bit when we decorated it.”    Kristina P.   Infants 2

“I liked the “dancing raisins” experiment the best because I got to mix stuff and throw stuff in a big pot.”     Mabel J2

‘ … We showed the entire primary school some science experiments that we had been working on with Miss Mirvat. My experiment was a ball on a small motor which blew in the air. I enjoyed watching the fascinated faces of the young children as I turned the motor.”   Polykarpos J2

“… by the end of the experiment our coats were no longer white! Anyway we had a fantastic and awesome day that I will never forget for eternity.”   Iolanthe J2

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