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Talented Young Writers

Talented Young Writers

Talented Young Writers

  • Fri, 22 Apr 2016
Talented Young Writers

Foley’s pupils can be congratulated once again on their recent success in the annual inter-school creative writing competition organized by Highgate School, Nicosia.

Pupils from Years 1 (Infants 1) to 9 (Form 3) participate in this competition every year, where the two strongest pieces of writing from each year group are selected by the teachers and then sent off and entered into the competition.

This year, the titles were: “A Day Without Money” for Years 1 and 2 (Infants 1 and 2), “About Time….” for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (J1 to Prep) and “Look Inside” for Years 7 to 9 (Form 1 to 3).

A winner, commendations (runners up) and special mentions (where pupils reached the final) were awarded in each year group, as well as an overall Promising Young Writer award for one competitor.

We are very proud to announce our results:

Promising Young Writer award: Iolanthe Georghiou (Year 7)

Year 1:

Winner:                       Zoe Tappacos

Special mention:          Christina Papapieri

Year 2:

Special mention:          Klementina Kitiri

                                    Anastasia Novikova

Year 3:

Winner:                       Ariadne Hatzis

Special mention:          Hoda Farah

Year 4:

Winner:                       Anastasia Serghides

Commended:               Andreas Kashiouris

Year 6:

Commended:               Egor Khokhlov

Year 7:

Winner:                       Iolanthe Georghiou

Commended:               Lynne Mokbel

Year 8:

Commended:               Oliver Geddes

Special mention:          Valeriya Stepanyants  

Year 9:

Winner:                       Keziah Chavez

Special mention:          Abigail Thompson


Piece written by Iolanthe Georghiou (Form 1)

Look Inside:

He passes by the window of every car

Walking up and down the road, it’s never too far.

In his wrinkly hand, he grasps a cup

He knocks on the windows; people hardly look up.


Through rain and snow, you’ll see him walk

Begging, begging, but he’ll never talk.

He simply holds out an arm, blue from the cold

Wearing a ragged hat which needs to be sewed.


His eyes shimmer, they gleam and glow

And a glimpse into the past, they show

A flashback showing loss and pain,

Something changed; he would never be the same.


He was once prosperous, a man of success

But the light in his life soon faded to darkness.

The war hit his country, stole his wife and kids

Depression soon reached him, for freedom he bid.


He fled to our country, hoping to find work

To start a new life and clear the murk

Which blocked his sight from the happiness of life

He wanted his family, his kids and his wife.


But with nothing to eat, he was doomed for sure

Locked away was his hope behind him an impenetrable door.

He was unwanted by the world, neglected and forgotten

Like a very old apple, rancid and rotten.


“Look past my rags, all torn and gashed

My hopes and my dreams have all been smashed.

Look further than my begging, I’m so ashamed

I never thought I’d be doing this, I am not to be blamed.


Look past my dirtiness, the dust which sits upon me

This is not who I am; who I long to be.

Look inside my soul, you’ll see who I am

I’m not a fraud, I’m not a scam.”


But people ignore him like he simply isn’t there

Though I cannot help but stop and stare,

People who looked at him with heads which shook,

“Look past my unpleasant face, look inside; take a look.”

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