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The Dracula Spectacula Show

The Dracula Spectacula Show

The Dracula Spectacula Show

  • Wed, 2 Apr 2014
The Dracula Spectacula Show

Director's Notes


The Dracula Spectacula was first produced at Foley’s some 23 years ago and the fact that Mr Andy, Mr Bailey and myself retain such fond memories of that production is probably the reason we chose to resurrect (the first of many awful puns to come, I am afraid) it now. In fact, Mrs Veronica was the original Countess Wraith and although she is now a little longer in the tooth (I did warn you) she had no hesitation in taking charge of make-up.

One of the idiosyncrasies of our school is the fact that pupils of all ages are together on the same site. It has been inspiring to see pupils from Prep to U6 working together with such good humour. Those of you who were at the Fashion Show would have noticed the enthusiastic participation of the U6. I am delighted that so many of them decided to “strut their stuff” again for this show. Their enthusiasm has been infectious and the dedication and hard work of every member of the cast exemplary. Whatever I have asked of them, they have given and much more! It has been a real pleasure working with them.

Mr Andy and his band (yes, it is live music you are hearing!) have once again excelled themselves. Where the music did not exist, our own musical J-E-N-Y-U-S has composed his own and he has contributed enormously to the overall staging of the play. My other scoop was persuading Mr Bailey to return to the lighting desk and cast a few rays of light in Dracula’s direction.

My thanks also go to the many people who have contributed in so many ways to this production but in particular to Mr Derek Bruce who, along with Ms Smylie, has transformed our rather vague notions of towers and dungeons into the impressive set you see before you. I must also mention Kyria Annie who allowed herself to be “volunteered” to take charge of costumes. She has done so much more and her support and insight have been invaluable.

The Dracula Spectacula is a spoof which re-counts the adventures of Miss Nadia Naïve and her pupils as they venture on a school trip to Transylvania. We have had great fun re-vamping the script and hope you will enjoy it too. We wish you (and this is definitely the last one) a fangtastic evening’s entertainment.

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