Old King Cole

This year’s musical production was the pantomime ‘Old King Cole’. Mr Andy Agathangelou has been our Musical Director for school productions since the very first – way back in 1984 (we think?!). As the legendary Mr Andy is retiring this year (put away your handkerchiefs), we persauded him to take on the role of Producer for his “swansong”. So, aided and abetted by Mrs Nizam and Mrs Bailey, he re-invented one of his favourite productions from the Foley’s back catalogue, which was first performed at the school in 1987 (we think!).A final word from the man himself – “In order to avoid the risk of forgetting to mention anyone involved, I’d like to say a huge, huge thank you to everybody for making this, my last production, a truly fun experience. In spite of the added stress, it’s been a laugh a minute. “Oh yes, it has!” Thanks again and “ta ta everyone”.


Mar 26 2016


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