Our aim in the Primary School is to give our pupils a broad and balanced start to their education and the confidence to achieve their potential in a happy, industrious and stimulating environment. Each boy and girl is looked upon as an individual and our positive approach to behaviour fosters a sense of personal responsibility. Our main objective is that children feel learning is fun and that they are happy and confident. We seek to bring out the best in every pupil, to develop skills, talents, curiosity and imagination. Social awareness, courtesy and consideration for others is highly encouraged. We take special care to include parents through regular reporting and meetings as we feel this is vital to the educational process.
The children follow a varied and challenging curriculum appropriate to their age and ability and is structured to provide continuity and progression in all subjects throughout these formative years in a child’s development. The teachers develop and strengthen skills in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Greek and use Topic work, Art, Music and PE to explore other areas.
All of our classrooms are bright and stimulating learning spaces where the children are inspired and flourish! Carpeted areas and book corners are essential in the Early Years and Infants classrooms. We have bright displays where the children’s work is celebrated. Each classroom is very well resourced and is also equipped with an interactive panel, which helps present educational resources in a highly diverse and varied way and is suitable for whole class and small group settings. We have a variety of playground spaces which are designated exclusively to our Early years children with specialist play equipment; grassy, shaded areas outside classrooms for small groups to enjoy as well as a spacious fully shaded, rubberised safety surfaced playground space for Infants and Juniors.

Primary School Statement

The Primary School is a time when we like to see children gaining confidence and making progress but, above all, enjoying themselves at school.
February 11, 2022
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