Key Stage 2

The Junior department consists of Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior 3 and Prep (UK Years 3 – 6). In these classes, we encourage our pupils to develop independence and responsibility. Learning is exciting and creative, yet balanced and structured, with a wide range of activities to meet each child’s individual needs.
Our curriculum continues to be based broadly on the British National Curriculum, although we tend to work beyond expected levels. We use the same schemes for English and Maths as in Key Stage 1. However, subjects are more discrete in their presentation. For most lessons, children are taught by their Class Teacher, but for some subjects such as Greek, PE, ICT and Music, they are taught by Subject Specialists.
Children have a wider range of subjects set for homework and it is more than just the nominal amount expected of Key Stage 1. Informal end of unit tests and more formal end-of-term written assessments complement continuous assessment to monitor progress. Indeed, children must make satisfactory progress in order to move to the next class.
During Junior 3 the children attend a cross-curricular linked residential trip to Paphos. This is an important step for many of the children as it allows them to be away from home, some for the first time, to try many new activities.
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