Sports Day 2013

In many ways this was probably the biggest and best Sports Day ever.The stadium itself was a fantastic setting for such an occasion and the pupils responded accordingly. The level of enthusiasm, team spirit, competition, comradeship and motivation were clearly evident. Irrespective of which house anyone had an allegiance with, there was always a healthy respect and recognition of athletic endeavour and excellence. Everyone stopping to cheer the high jump record attempts springs to mind.The competition itself was extended so that each Junior competitor completed ten events. A true decathlon with speed, endurance, power and accuracy tested to the full. Two jumping events (the long jump and standing broad jump), 5 throwing events (the hoopla, tennis ball throw, fling sock, vertex and hammer throw, often overlooked team events, the sack relay, the baton relay and tug of war and that old favourite , the cone hold.In the Senior competition, the points system itself was changed so that all competitors earned points for their respective houses. Virtually every single person in the Senior school too part in at least one event (facilitated by the fact that there was nearly 100% attendance).So to the results and records themselves. After a hundred or so spectacular events that elicited their fair share of blood (a grazed knee on tripping at the start of the Prep 800m race), tears (joy and frustration) and sweat (virtually everyone, the man with the gun, Mr Lott in his thermal lab coat). It turned out to be a close call. In the end, the “Green Machine” of Theseus proved victorious in both the Junior and Senior competitions. Whilst the “Red Devils” of Amazon just managed to surpass the points tally of their “Yellow Peril” counterparts to claim the relay trophy (in part due to some poor British-like baton changeovers!)I would like to extend my personal thanks to each and every competitor for a wonderful Sport Day, the staff for their dedication and professionalis, and to the parent helpers without whom, the smooth running of the day would not have been possible. And finally, to whoever controls the weather who decided to hold off the deluge of rain until 2.30pm!


Nov 18 2013


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