Sports Day 2015

Sports Day 2015 proved to be another highly memorable occasion. The setting as always was fantastic, the weather kind and the competitors full of camaraderie and enthusiasm. New F3 inspired banners added extra colour to proceedings and the staff appeared even happier than usual – certainly my favourite day of the year.Whilst this particular Sports Day lacked a plethora of new records (there was one – Marco Knezevic, F3 boys Shot Put, NR 12.30m) it certainly made up for it in terms of sportsmanship and competition endeavour.In the Junior events – which comprised of the long jump, sack race, standing broad jump, cone hold, fun run, baton relay, vortex, tennis ball and hammer throw, tug o’ war and fling sock – the Green Machine of Theseus came out on top. In the secondary events the Yellow Perils of Hercules were victorious in both the overall competition and the relay events. In the latter they stormed to victory on no fewer than 8 out of the 10 showcase races.Congratulations to all competitors, staff and supporters of the Hercules team!! Amazon and Theseus will I am sure be out for revenge next year (hopefully in our new school).Finally, a big thank you to Maria Papadopoulou, former 100m butterfly swimmer and veteran of several major World Cups, Commonwealth and Olympic games, who presented the winning teams their trophies.


Nov 10 2015


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