Sports day(s)

Stadium Rules


·          No entry without permission.

·          Spectators are not allowed on the pitch or track.

·      No pets or animals allowed.

·      No smoking, spitting or chewing gum.

·          No food, sweets or drinks other than water and isotonic drinks.

·          No glass containers.

·    Astro turf trainers and normal training shoes are permitted. All footwear must be clean.

·          Athletes wearing track spikes must not go onto the pitch.

·          No screw-in studs, large moulded studs, moulded blades or high heels.

·      No jewellery allowed whilst participating.

·  No dragging or tugging of furniture & equipment – ensure all furniture & equipment is lifted or wheeled.

·      Please report any dirt, debris or damage to staff immediately.


Nov 16 - 17 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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