Venti Inizii – Amine Boussa at Foley’s

Foleys School had the unique opportunity of welcoming the internationally renowned French choreographer Amine Boussa to the school. He staged a special series of workshops for 20 of our pupils, based on his original work “L’Inizio” (The Beginning- in Italian), which itself was inspired by Michelangelo’s painting “Genesis” in the Sistine Chapel. Amine’s company Chriki’Z ( has shown this work all over the world, and he decided to work with our pupils in creating an adaptation of the last part to be titled “Venti Inizii” (20 beginners – in Italian).The workshops culminated in a performance by the pupils on April 7th, which attracted a full house in the School Hall. After the performance, Amine showed videos of some of his professional productions and the audience had the chance to ask questions about his life, his inspirations for his choreography… and what it was like to work with a bunch of Foley’s pupils, some of whom had no previous dance training! The school would like to thank Amine for giving us this memorable opportunity. We were all amazed to see what he was able to achieve in just three days. Congratulations to the pupils involved for all their hard work and for a truly impressive performance!


Apr 09 2016


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