The Addams Family

Director’s Notes

This year’s school musical production was The Addams Family – our take on the popular Broadway Musical.Work started back in January with the “gutting” of the school stage and the implementation of a new design, making the Addams family’s house the centre piece of the set. My first thank you has to be to Mr Bruce for interpreting my appalling drawing, smiling politely and returning to build a staircase and balcony with architectural precision. The Inquisitor’s chair and other props were also created by Mr Bruce on a recent sunny Saturday in the playground – thanks a million.Rehearsals got underway around eight weeks ago. Here, it is fair to say, that I have had a great deal of fun. The cast have been fabulous to work with and it goes without saying that Annie, Karim, Oliver and Alex in the Upper Sixth, their last year at Foley’s, will be missed. What stalwarts you have been. Thank you too, Natalie, our calm and committed lighting and projection expert who is also graduating this year (and always knows what’s going on regarding cues!) I hope you all continue with your Thespian involvement at university and beyond.We have a very strong tradition and belief that school performances need live music and, once again, all the music you, the audience, hear tonight is being played live by the Band. The talent and dedication, under the supervision of Ms Sylvana, have been noted. Thank you all. Likewise, thanks to Miss Coupe and her team of artists.In the 27 years I have been at the school – yes, I too am an Ancestor – no play is ever complete without Mrs Bailey and her dancers. When the pressure is on and I wonder how problems are going to be overcome, Mrs Bailey forges forward, offering advice, encouragement and moral support. Sincere thanks.I also wish to thank Mrs Annie and Ms Veronica for helping with costumes and make-up and Ms Shiakallis for backstage.I believe I have made my “full disclosure” and now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show.
Lynda Nizam – Director


Apr 26 2017


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